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Interested in becoming a TMH Corporation supplier?

Our main requirements

To become a TMH Corporation supplier, you need to meet a number of requirements. They are brought to everyone's attention and aim to optimize our supplier portfolio.

Means tailored to us

In terms of resources, to work with TMH Corporation as a supplier, you need to:

  • Have Appropriate Human, Technical and Technological Resources
  • Demonstrate an adequate organization to guarantee deadlines and quality, and also accept quality monitoring at production sites
  • Meet National and International Production Standards
  • Present a correct financial situation and provide the statement of results upon request

Be in Good Standing

Our key regulatory requirements also require you to:

  • Comply with legal obligations (commercial register, VAT)
  • Fulfill the country's fiscal (fiscal, VAT, income statement) and social (Urssaf) obligations and produce the necessary certificates
  • Comply with applicable safety and working conditions obligations
  • Prove sufficient liability insurance
  • Have not been the subject of any criminal conviction or exclusion from public procurement

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