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Close to its customers, TMH Corporation invests all its energy in protecting workers, listening to them and advising them in order to improve their daily professional lives. Thanks to our researchers and engineers, we select our raw materials with the greatest care. On the lookout for news and development trends, TMH Corporation has set up technological monitoring for its products and those of its customers. TMH Corporation attaches great importance to the entrepreneurial spirit and well-being of its employees. TMH Corporation also respects the environment and sustainable development through the selection of its raw materials. TMH Corporation also invests in art and culture through publishing The Menthol House.


TMH Corporation is committed to sustainable development. With The Menthol House TMH Corporation supports writers and illustrators. In Burkina Faso, TMH Corporation buys shea butter from the Sontag-Yalgré association, in the Moré language meaning “helping each other.” This association employs more than 1500 women in difficulty and contributes to their literacy.


TMH Corporation is looking for partners in innovation and research to ensure its global reach.
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Research and development TMH Corporation at the forefront of technology, in collaboration with engineers, remains attentive to any new form of collaboration.